Dear dancers, choreographers and teachers,

Welcome to our new website, which will be updated with additional content doing the next days.

Today we are happy to announce the start of the registration for a new edition of the E.dancemasters video dance competition. After two successful editions in 2020 we were hoping to go back to our original concept for the edited dance films and video projects. But due to the high demand we decided to have a last third edition with non-edited videos in the section A for solo and duo dancers.
The COVID-19 pandemic is still not allowing us to have live competitions in most countries and many countries are still not allowed to travel.

We are aware that most of the schools are not able to have classes in the studio and so we think it is not necessary to except group or formation dances in the 2021 competition of dance masters, because most schools don’t have a routine ready yet. But we think that it is possible for solo dancers and Duos to rehearse and create at their home or maybe in some countries also in the studio and it might be possible to film those videos on a stage, in the studio or outside in the garden or even in the living room.
we also announce that we will except videos filmed back to summer 2019, important for those older videos is, that they have to be registered rated and will be judged in the age category the dances had when the video was filmed.

So here it is the third edition of dance masters online registration starts today and we are happy and excited to see all your creations and talent.



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e:dancemasters is a international video dance competition for edited and non edited dance videos of all styles. It is an online event by in cooperation with Divatainment LA.
Artistic Director and Head of judges is Sten Kuth. (


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