About us

The sk:dancemasters Video dance competition was founded in 2019 by choreographer, artistic director and dance judge Sten Kuth. He wanted to create a platform for video dance projects and dance films which usually never have a chance to be shown in a competition. In this competition all the videos and dance films become not only judged by dance expert but also by directors and film editors. The videos receive feedback for the dancing, for choreography as well as the filming, the lighting, and the editing of the film. 

2020, 2021 & 2022

2 sections
due to Covid-19

The situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the dance industry worldwide. In many countries the dance schools are again closed and competitions are again postponed or canceled. Some states allow their dance schools to reopen, some others are not having the chance yet.  Even if we are allowed to have competitions in summer and maybe autumn and winter, we still don’t know if we may be allowed to travel, if traveling will be safe again and last but least affordable? Moreover we have to think about that all the dancers are out of training. They will have to train a lot to get t the same level that they had before the lockdown. 

Tom Basco from divatainment, Sten’s agent in Los Angeles, and Sten were thinking alot about this in 2020. What happens to all the dances and choreographies that have been created for the 2020 season? Can we do something with them? Most of you have them on film already from a competition in January or February or even March in 2020 when the world has been still ok or from a dress rehearsal or show. 

So the idea came up to create another section as a virtual competition online. 

We had no intention to take this as a serious world championship, which wouldn’t be possible online, but we want to create something to keep you dancers and teachers motivated. We want you to have at least a bit of a competition feeling and giving you some higly qualified individual judges feedback. 


We are proud that we were One of the first virtual online dance competitions, but we are also very happy that many many others followed. Many big competitions moved to online into thousand 20 and some of them developed very great concepts as a mixture of virtual live and video dance. Some with great live judging software. 

we were planning to go back to our original concepts in 2021 just to except dance films in the edited section.

Due to the continuing pandemic situation many dancers asked us, if we would do another addition in 2021 for non-edited videos. After many discussions we decided to have a last edition for section A as well this Spring, but we will only accept Dances from soloist and duets. The reason for that is very easy, most schools were not allowed to have group training during the last month, due to social distancing we were not allowed to have choreography’s with social interaction. But Solo and Duo Dance can be worked on and become filmed at home, outside or even in the studios. So we decided to except those videos and the 2021 edition of dance masters. We also announce that we except videos that have been filmed last year and 2019!  But we want to make it clear that those videos have to register exactly in the age category the dances were when the videos have been filmed. 


We keep Section A & B

Although we are now holding live competitions worldwide again, we have decided to offer an online competition in both categories in 2023 as well. Many dancers, schools and clubs have asked for it. We think that the online competition format can be a good complement to the live competitions, not only because there’s are no travel expenses. With our competition we want to offer the opportunity to get detailed written feedback from the judges in addition to the usual scoring. This should serve to get another opinion about the dances and performances before or after live competitions.