Section A

In section A you can register all non edited videos of Solo & Duo Dances of all styles & age categories 

Section B

Section B is the original dance masters category, in this category please register videos and dance films which I edited. There are no restrictions concerning the number of the dancers. There are all ages and dance styles. All styles and age group compete together.

2021 Spring Competition

General rules and regulations 

We are accepting entries from all countries, therefore the competition language is english.

With your registration you accept and follow the following rules and regulations without exception.

There is a fee of 10€ for each video in section A and 20 € for section B to cover the cost for the technical side, the registration provider, payment solution and the certificates.

Payment has to be done online during the the registration. Once the registration is send, payments are non refundable.

Videos need to be uploaded to Vimeo (free account) with a password or as a private  Video on youtube or another cloud. 

In section A, entries ranked 1-3 in each category will be shown in 20 second clips during the online award ceremony and in a footage of all finalists on our youtube channel. In section B the places 1-3 will be published on our channel with the full video.

All videos should have an opening title screen which names the age, the category and the dance title. If this is technically not possible, you need to put this information in the video desciption on vimeo or youtube.

The duration of the title screen does not affect the time allowance of the dance.

Certificates, judges scores and feedback will be delivered by email within 3 weeks after the price giving ceremony, send to the email adress you give us during the registration process.

The judges are industry pofessionals and their comments, voting and decisions are finally. The organzer has no influence on the judges. The votings and decision made by the judges are indisputable.There are no minimum entries per category.

Each category will be judged even if there will be online one entry.

 The registrations starts on the 6th of March 2021.
Deadline for all registrations is 17th of April.
Price Giving / awardceremony takes place on the 8th of May 2021 online via Zoom.

In category Tap in section A, no additional recorded taps or effects are allowed.In category Ballet all styles of ballet from classical to neoclassical and character / national are allowed. Point is not allowed for dancer younger than 13 years old. Free variations are allowed for kids but no repetoire.

Style Categories 

Section A

Ballett (Classical, Neo)
Contemporary / Modern
Lyrical Dance
Acrobatic Dance
Musical Theater

Section B 

This section is an open category so all styles are allowed. 

Age Groups

Section A
mini (age 6-8)
kids (age 9-11)
junior (age 12-14)
pre-senior (age 15 to 19)
senior (age 20 or older)

Section B

In 2021 all age groups compete in the same category

The age on the day of filming is used.

We expect all entries to accept the following rule: 

All entries should be agea,propriate in choreography, music choice, costume, make up and presentation. The judges are allowed to deduct points or even disqualifiy entries tat are not following those rules. The same applies to entries that downplay violence, weapons or harassment.